A new community and global initiative for earthpreneurs

Empowering youth to solve sustainability challenges by creating measurable impact
Breakthrough AGENDA
Co-creating a sustainability report
The next three months we aim to set the agenda for how governments contribute to sustainable youth entrepreneurship. So contribute with your insight and get your name in the report.
About earthpreneurs
We believe that innovation and entrepreneurship can solve most of our challenges in the world, that youth are the driving force, and in collaboration with the experienced and established – it can be done. This movement started as a response to the Paris conference with a group of youth who looked ahead.
Youth spread across the world organizing locally
Youth from around the world solving the sustainable development goals
14k members
Who are combining sustainability and entrepreneurship for solutions
An earthpreneur is a person who intend to make sustainability business as usual. First by addressing the 17 Sustainable Development Goals issued by the United Nations.

The term was coined by the organization YSI (Young Sustainable Impact) in 2016 and has later developed into a global movement lead by youth around the world.
Working together every day
Around the globe, to address the SDGs with entrepreneurship
Mission: Empowering youth to solve sustainability challenges by creating measurable impact
How can I join this community?
If you are working for sustainability within business you are already part of it. However if you want to find people to discuss with then you can join our community on Facebook or create your own community of earthpreneurs.
Let's see what we can do together! A good way to start would be to join the Earthpreneurs group on Facebook by clicking on the icon right underneath this text here.